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Where we started

As parents, we dreamed up HULKI as we wanted fewer large plastic toys to end up in landfills.
So we started creating colorful animal-shaped Dutch Design playhouses out of ultra strong cardboard. 
Great in design and allowing for easy reuse or recycling once kids have moved on to new adventures.

Our Fundamentals

All kids love to hide in, hide under or crawl through secret places. We've combined this fact with a designer touch. Our goal is to make sure kids love to play in our playhouses as much as parents love them to have in their home. We believe in transparency and honesty in all that we do and always keep the well-being of our kid's planet in mind.

2016 Birth of HULKI

We started designing HULKIs in early 2016 and launched our brand successfully on in spring 2016. Late summer 2016 we started selling HULKI's through this website. Our next step is to sell through retailers in Western-Europe. We're planning to attend several trade expos next year. 

Eco As a starting point

We prioritize the use of responsibly-sourced materials. Our products are made from 100% recyclable material, with recyclable packaging when available. All products are printed with water based inks and we design our products to be long-lasting. We care how and where our products are made, so we've chosen to produce only in the Netherlands.


Long gone are the days of dull plastic toys cluttering the living room floor. HULKIs are vibrant, supersized, Dutch Design playhouses that are 100% recyclable. HULKIs are built to withstand wear and tear from children by using an extra strong custom-engineered cardboard. HULKIs help to bridge a gap between stimulating toys for kids and the wellbeing of the planet.